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Body Painted Art NK

Body Painted Swimwear NK

Photographer: Polina Rabtseva
Style/Body Art Natasha Kudashkina
Model Lauren Jensen, Whitehouse Models

Body Painting. Divine Fox

Body Painting: by Natasha Kudashkina
Divine Fox: Cassandra Hope

Body Painting NK. Cultivate your curves.

Body painting by Natasha Kudashkina
Model/Dancer Jaene Castrillon – “I dance as a bellydancer because it’s a statement I make as a person, as a women, as a human being and as a part of humanity! To dance is to breathe….”

Body Painted Tattoo Art

Photoshoot with Body painted tattoo art.
Model: Annie

Body Art for Gallery ML by NK

Experimenting with lines and gradients. RED & BLUE
by Natasha Kudashkina
Art for Gallery ML

Body Painting. Fetish Theme

Body painting. Fetish theme
Photography Clee Images
Model – Jessica Ann
Body Art/Video Natasha Kudaskina

Body Painting. The birth of Cosmic Light Force

Body Painting. The birth of Cosmic Light Force from Natasha Kudashkina on Vimeo.

Body art/video by Natasha Kudashkina
Model: Sparkles
Images :  facebook
More of Sparkles: